How do I know if RI HOUSE distributes in my country?

Our shipments are all over the European Union, including the UK as well. In fact we ship our orders with several logistic companies, so they will make sure all orders are correctly delivered.


What are the shipping costs for my country? 

Shipping costs vary according to the country where the delivery has to be processed. In fact, we have split all countries in 4 zones with 4 different shipping costs. However, when buying a product, the shipping price will be automatically computed when the destination of the delivery is known.


How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

We can not exactly set a shipping time for each product as this fact depends on the corresponding provider. Nevertheless, timings can be between some days to several weeks (no more than 8 weeks). 


Can I track my order? 

Yes, an email will be sent to you once the product has been picked up from the corresponding warehouse, so that you will be able to track the order. Moreover, on each step of your purchase, you will also receive other emails confirming that everything has been processed correctly.


Will I receive a confirmation email once I have done the purchase?

Yes, you will receive an email from RI HOUSE with the verification of your purchase.


I would like for my purchase to be brought to an upstairs floor, what should I do?

By default, shipments will be delivered at street level. However, if you want to receive the order at a different level, please make sure you notify it to us through info@rihouse.shop before the purchase has been completely done. In this case, an extra charge will be added to shipping cost and we will do all the corresponding arrangements for you.  




What does the price of the product include?

During the purchase process, we can see two different prices bound to our product. One is the price of the product without any extra charge added (VAP is included), and the other one, is the final price of your purchase. These extra charges that are being added to the first price include a two years warranty and the shipping costs. Moreover, if you have any discount, this will be applied in the final price once all extra charges have been added.


Which are the payment methods? 

The payment can be done by credit or debit card or with PayPal. To do so, you will be asked to introduce your credit/debit card credentials or to register in your PayPal account on the last step of your purchase. All our payment methods will offer the highest safety to our customers.


Is it necessary to create an account in order to buy a product? 

Yes, it is necessary to register in order to make the purchase. In this step, you will be asked to enter if you are a professional or a particular profile as well as the address where the order is to be delivered. Other useful information for the delivery will also be required in order to finish the purchase process, so in case you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rihouse.shop.


Can I buy any product offered on the web in a physical store/space?

No, our sale is mainly online. However, there is a space dedicated to RI HOUSE where products are being exhibited. This space brings together the concepts of an art gallery and a home to showcase, in a unique way, timeless pieces of furniture designed by Francesc Rifé. It is also a space for product launching, exhibitions and design related events. 


Are there special conditions for professional profiles? 

Yes, they will be given a 20% discount on all products. However, they will be asked to confirm their tax information and we deserve the right to confirm the information provided.


Where does RI HOUSE produce the offered products?

All our offered products have different providers whose locations vary between Spain and Italy. Here is a list of all our providers and their respective locations: 



Do the products of RI HOUSE have a warranty? How long does it last?

Yes, all RI HOUSE products have a 2 year warranty.




The product that I received was not the one I ordered or it came damaged, what should I do?

If the product is already delivered and you see a factory defect or a mistake with the delivery, please make sure to report it to the shipment company when it is being delivered and also to notify it to us too through info@rihouse.shop or calling at +34 934 031 043. Please share pictures of the existing damages, you will have 24 hours to get in touch with us so we can look into the case and find the best solution for you. Otherwise, the exchange won’t be free of charge and it will be handled as a “special” return.


I changed my mind, I want to return my purchase. Can I do it?

All our products are produced to order according to customer specifications. For this reason all sales are final and there is no possibility of return.


Do I have a period of time to change or cancel my order?

Once an order is placed it can not be changed. You will have a period of 3 business days to cancel your order and you will be more than welcomed to place a new one.




For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through info@rihouse.shop or calling at +34 934 03 10 43.